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Winter is more than just a lot of snow and low temperature. It’s a magical time when we all start believing in miracles. Lots of people all over the globe are looking forward to Christmas and New Year celebrations. They prepare gifts for their beloved ones and put a lot of Christmas lights in their apartments. Remember how it feels when you are walking around the city in winter and everything is covered with the snow. This is the kind of atmosphere we want you to see in our photos. Both of us love winter a lot. We enjoy making a snowman, watching “Home alone”, decorating a Christmas tree, and drinking hot chocolate. These simple winter activities look great in the photos. Therefore, we never miss an opportunity to make a shot at the right moment.

It feels really amazing when you are sitting by the window and watching snow falling. If you also like this magic, you might like our photos. They are full of Frank Sinatra atmosphere. We love picturing Christmas trees since each of them is unique and fabulous. Our two-persons team often shoots Christmas markets as they are truly amazing. We travel abroad to make our photo collection really rich. So now you have a wonderful opportunity to download any of the masterpieces we made with our cameras for free. Many people are wondering why we don’t charge anything for our content. Let’s say, it’s a little New Year gift for everyone.

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Our main goal is to satisfy everyone who visits this page. We want all people who are looking for some winter pictures to find them here. Therefore, we are trying to make our content as diverse as possible. Some photos show just a few details that remind us about December days, while others impress with beautiful landscapes. There is something special about every season. We want to catch these special things and publish them as photos on our website.

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