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Autumn is an absolutely great season. Time to drink hot tea, use warm blankets, and have long evening walks. We love this period of time for its coziness and the special atmosphere that appears in the air. The small dry leaves make us feel a bit sad but it is rather some kind of nostalgia than real sadness. In autumn, many of us decide to watch new serials and spend a lot of time home. While you are checking a new season of Twin Peaks, we are cheating fantastic content for your blog or online shop. Our team does enjoy the autumn vibes. But we don’t only rest and relax when this season comes. Shooting the amazing autumn views is a truly enjoyable activity which we love a lot.

September, October, and November are perfect months for travelling. Sometimes, we just get an idea to visit some place, pack our stuff quickly, and hit the road. Every time such a trip brings us a lot of great emotions, memories, and, of course, photographs. People become different in autumn, have you ever noticed it? They change their usual behaviour. While in the summer people are mostly active and full of energy, in the autumn period they become more calm and quiet. And it’s not about depression which also comes to some of us in the rainy days. We are talking about that amazing feeling inside of us - peace. In autumn, we want to stay home, eat sweet snacks, read novels, and enjoy this amazing rhythm of life.

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We do our best to show the wonderful autumn atmosphere in our photos.At times, we shoot some little details that are not exactly autumn. They just look like… November. Our golden collection includes a lot of pictures with yellow leaves, hot chocolate, and happy people. Because there are so many reasons to be happy in autumn!

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Are you wondering why we are doing it? You wanna know what is the point for us to share all these beautiful photos for free? There is no trick or secret. We also become happy when November comes. And the main thing we want is to let others see the beauty of our world in the autumn period. There is only one way you can thank us for these pictures - mention our website on your blog.